WSCC: Driver & Car Spotlight – Emily Bashford

WSCC Spotlight Emily Bashford-1

Interview & Images by Tristan Penner
Transcribed by Emily Bashford


Name: Emily Bashford
Forum Name: Emily
Nickname: Em

A note from Emily: ”Since the ricecar was already featured in Jeff’s Driver & Car Spotlight back in 2011, I wanted to share the spotlight with my Pop and his old truck he put many hours into restoring. I am so very proud of him!

Any exciting car history?
Mmm…first time I ever drove standard was in Jeff’s S2000. At 3 in the morning. Jeff picked me up and…

WSCC Spotlight Emily Bashford-1

(At 3 in the morning?)

Yes, 3 in the morning. With Tim Horton’s hot chocolate that he brought me. It was one of our first dates. Continue reading

WSCC: Driver & Car Spotlight – Peter Gwyn

Interview by Emily Bashford
Photographs by Tristan Penner


We recently had a chance to catch up with Peter Gwyn, current Winnipeg Sports Car Club President, one weekend morning to capture his lifestyle as both a lawyer and automotive enthusiast.

Name and (Forum Name):

Peter Gwyn (AMGNUTS_Bocar). It’s an anagram for the car I once autoslalomed. Switch the letters around and you’ll figure it out. I also happen to like AMGs, especially the C63 AMG, which is on the list of cars I want. Continue reading

INTERIORS: Birchwood Nissan’s New Showroom

As promised, here are the interior shots of the Nissan Showroom.

Although Birchwood Nissan shares the same building as Birchwood Infiniti, each delivers a very different atmosphere. Where Infiniti has adopted an upscale gallery-like showroom, Nissan, having undergone renovations as well, has kept on with a more conservative showroom design.

Continue reading